WAter and Sanitation SUPport - WASSUP - was founded in 2009 by colleagues at the company Tyréns AB. The aim of WASSUP is to support and run projects that provide tangible results within the areas of water and sanitation, by providing clean drinking water, improved groundwater quality and sanitation facilities in areas of the world that need it. WASSUP is an independent organisation but still mainly consists of current and former employees of Tyréns AB. The company has been a donor since the beginning by doubling the amount yearly of what the organisation is raising from employees of Tyréns AB.

The UN Development Program has set 17 global goals for sustainable development. WASSUP's work currently includes target 6 - ensuring access to sustainable water and sanitation for all, with positive synergies in several of the other goals. Around two billion people lack safe access to clean drinking water, and still in our world today about 800 children under the age of five die every day due to contaminated water, poor hygiene knowledge and lack of toilets according to Unicef. To achieve the Global Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 demands efforts and investments at all levels.

Examples of projects that Wassup is financing are drilling new and repairing old water wells in Tchad, helping schools in Tanzania to provide clean water and toilets for their students and building urine and fecal separating toilets in rural Burkina Faso.

WASSUP is a small NGO with approximately 140 members, but since we are professionals in water and sanitation we are convinced that we can get effective results for every Swedish krona spent. Our total revenue per year is approximately 150 000 Swedish krona (approx. 15 000 euro).

Our annual report is available in Swedish here.

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